Attention to details– Part 4

Attention to details– Part 4

He even dismissed the fame as daft and ephemeral. In a career spanning almost four decades, he has acted only in twenty films, and for the last twelve of them, he has received numerous nominations and recognition from the film fraternity. Once, on the sets he contracted pneumonia but avoided warm clothes because during the times he represented in the movie- mid-nineteenth century- these clothes weren’t available. He insisted on the same treatment as would happen during those days. Only after severe appeal and persistence by the crew, Daniel Lewis relented and took better treatment. While shooting for ‘The last of the Mohicans,’ he stayed in the forest and learned jungle life with utmost sincerity. As a prisoner in another movie, he insisted the crew throws cold water at him and hurls expletives- he wanted to get angry and feel the pain of a condemned fugitive.  It’s little surprise then that his acting is of a different league altogether. Contrast him with a sub-standard actor who plays to the gallery and takes his fame seriously. He may have a frenzied fan following, yet contribute little regarding quality output. The likes of Daniel Day-Lewis are a rare breed- they’d instead focus on class production; their self-worth and absorption reflect who they are.

And these examples also prove that if you pay attention to detail, the big picture will take care of itself. “He was a secret agent, and still alive,” said Ian Fleming, on his star, James Bond, “thanks to his exact attention to the details of his profession.”

One thing at a time

Many spiritualists are busy- they have a family to take care of, their spiritual practices to perform, jobs or business and services to the community. A sacred rule we seek to follow: do one thing at a time. While chanting our Japa meditation, it’s spiritually suicidal to text a friend or gobble your breakfast. If you value your relationships, you would be present at your child shares her exciting day in school.

To be continued…

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