Desire- the master technique

Desire- the master technique

Today I read many beautiful quotes of Srila Prabhupada on chanting. I wish I could remember them often, especially during my chanting session. If I can somehow remember these instructions, and more importantly use them to quell my mind’s temper tantrums, my spiritual life would be a success.
How often we hear tips and techniques to improve our chanting, yet we fail miserably after the initial burst of enthusiasm fades off. The billion dollar question then is what is that one master technique that will help us chant well always?

The superlative, mother of all techniques, is our DESIRE to chant well. If the desire to chant well is strong, then no other techniques are needed. Conversely, if we are deficit in our desire to improve chanting, our attempts to improve chanting are a ‘damp squib’.

How do we make our desires strong? Reading and hearing on the need to improve chanting helps a lot. Bhurijan Prabhu has written a gem of a book, ‘Japa’ that offers nine pearl like keys to improve our chanting. Recently I completed yet another reading of the book, and a fresh desire to chant well has now swelled in my heart. Even if we don’t remember all that we read and hear if somehow a desire to chant springs in the heart, then that reading and hearing is a success.

A culture of hearing and studying literature that extoll the glories of pure devotional service is the best remedy for the disease of complacency. Sustained enthusiasm in our spiritual practises is possible only when we hear and chant in the association of sincere devotees. It’s this association that provides a strong desire to improve the quality of our spiritual practises.


  • Shraddha Posted September 27, 2014 4:10 am

    HK. PAMHO Prabhuji…
    “If the desire to chant well is strong, then no other techniques are needed”.- Truly very simple and sublime technique! Beging for your mercy to help bring it in practice! And Thank you so much for sharing with us the Master Technique!
    YAS- Shraddha.

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