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Freedom from three invisible ropes-Part 2

My friend thought that was a subtle but reasonable explanation. When the potency of Goodness is prominent, one feels peaceful and satisfied. When Passion rules roost, it’s hurry, creation and action. And if ignorance is the overwhelming force, there is destruction and madness. I explained how even music could be in three modes. The sound and melody could soothe, agitate or provoke bizarre things depending on whether the primary mode is sattva, rajas or tamas. 

A smiled slipped off his face and he quipped, “No wonder your temples open early morning and that’s when the bars shut. I guess that’s because the morning time is conducive for prayerful connection to God and night is the best time to drown our sorrows in liquor or go off to sleep”. He then recalled how a large number of rock stars had self-destructive habits; the blend of their music and night time addictions accentuated Tamas.

The three energies in action

An hour and a half before sunrise the mode of goodness prevails in the atmosphere. This is evidenced by a certain calmness and peace in the air that inspires some to rise early and offer prayers. Most yoga and meditation enthusiasts recommend early morning sessions as most conducive not only for maintaining good physical health but also for inner reflection and spiritual progress.

After the sun has fully risen and up untill the late evening, the mode of passion dominates the atmosphere. We see during this time people are naturally inclined and inspired to perform a lot of activity in the external world; the rush hour traffic, the busy stock markets and lively college campuses are a few examples that reflect life in the mode of passion.

Night time that’s conducive for sleep and recuperation of the body is in the mode of ignorance. After a hard day’s work, the body calms and rests during this period and the atmosphere facilitates a good break as the mode of ignorance puts one off to sleep. This period is considered as most conducive for a good rest for the body and mind. For a healthy and balanced life it helps one to retire before 10.00 pm and rise fresh and energetic before 4.00 am.To be continued…


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