Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-35

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-35

When he heard the word ‘one moment’, Nimai was suddenly outraged. “I want now” he screamed, and picked up a stick and broke every pot in the house. He then broke the bags that contained food and rice. Then he beat the doors and the windows. When nothing else was left in the house to break, he started beating the trees and the earth. Then he fell asleep.

When Vishwambhar began his outburst, Sachi mata hid behind the trees; she was after all witnessing death personified in action. However angry Nimai was, he never harmed or threatened his mother. When Nimai was asleep, she made a garland and brought the ingredients for Ganga worship and woke up Nimai. “Wake up dear child,” she told her son, “it is good you broke everything in the house because by breaking all these, you have driven away all dangers and inauspiciousness from the house. Now please take the fruits and the garland and go to Ganga.” When Nimai saw and realized what he had done, he was ashamed and embarrassed.

After his bath in the Ganga, Nimai returned and worshipped tulasi and lord Vishnu. Then, mother Sachi served her son a delicious prasad feast that she had cooked for him. Later, as he relaxed, she told him, “dear son, why have you broken everything in the house? All of this belongs to you? Now you have destroyed all of our grains, milk, oil, and other ingredients. And we don’t have money. We are poor brahmanas. How will I feed you your next meal?”

Nimai smiled and said, “Krishna will always provide oh mother, do not worry.” He then rushed to play with his friends and when he returned, without saying anything to his mother, he handed her with his lotus hands, two tolas (one tola is 11.6 grams) of pure gold. She was surprised and asked him where he got this gold from, to which he responded simply by a smile. She then wondered, “Where he gets this gold from. Every time he breaks something, he gets gold. Does he steal it? What is this deep mystery about my son?”

Later she’d take the gold to the market and realize it was real and she got a fair price for it.

To be continued…

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