Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-37

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-37

In the previous ages, she was none other than Sita and Rukmini. When Nimai and Laksmi’s eyes met, their eternal love awakened. Shortly after this, a Brahmin named Vanamali Ghaltak, from the Nawadwip marriage board came to Mother Sachi’s house. He told her, “I bring an alliance for your son. The girl is Lakshmi devi, the embodiment of all virtuous qualities. She is the daughter of Vallabhacharya and she is none other than the goddess of fortune.” Sachi mata replied, “My son Nimai is very young. I don’t think he is ready for marriage yet. He is engrossed in his studies at this point of time in life.”

Disappointed, Vanamali left and on his way back he met Vishwambhar, who was returning home from school. They conversed and Vanamali shared what transpired between him and Nimai’s mother. “She hasn’t accepted my proposal for your marriage with Lakshmidevi.” Lord Gaurasundar didn’t say anything to Vanmali and they spoke other things. Then Nimai returned home and told his mother, “Why you didn’t like what Vanamali Ghatak said. What is wrong?” Sachi mata was happy to know that her son was interested in getting married to Lakshmi devi. Immediately she called Vanamali and said, “Make all arrangements. My son is ready for marriage.” Sachi mata was blissful at the prospect of her son marrying because she would do anything to see her son happy. Vanamali was also excited. He went to Vallabhacharya’s house and said, “Nimai, the crest jewel of all brahmanas will be a perfect husband for your well qualified daughter. I bring the proposal from his side.” Vallabhacharya was delighted. After discussing with his family and relatives, he whole-heartedly agreed. All of them unanimously declared that there can be no greater fortune for their family than to get Vishwambhar, the son of Jagannath Mishra and Sachi mata as their son-in-law.

The marriage ceremony included adivas celebrations where Nimai gave away charity to brahmanas, relatives and everyone else. Also huge feast was served to all guests. Nimai was carried in a beautiful palanquin to Vallabhacharya’s house. There he was welcomed with washing of feet. Then he was honoured with the traditional auspicious offerings of arghya, padya, and madhupak. As Nimai and Lakshmi exchanged garlands, demi-gods from the heavenly abodes showered flowers on this blessed couple.

To be continued…

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