Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-39

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-39

Isvara Puri replied, “I am the most insignificant, lowest of all sudras. I have come here to take shelter of your lotus feet.” Upon hearing this, Mukunda Dutta began beautiful kirtan. As his melodious kirtan filled the space with divine chants, Isvara Puri entered a spiritual trance. Overwhelmed with ecstatic love, he fell to the ground, weeping, and rivers of tears flowed from his eyes, soaking all directions. He rolled on the ground in genuine ecstatic love of Krishna. When devotees witnessed such pure, unparalleled love, they began to cry in grateful celebration and chanted the Holy Names in unison. When they learnt that this is none other than the legendary disciple of the great Madhavendra Puri, devotees were filled with bliss.

Isvara Puri remained in Nawadwip for many months. He made Gopinath Acharya’s house as his residence. Every evening he would give a class on Krishna’s pastimes from a book he had written, called the ‘Krishna Lilamrita.’ Each day Gadhadhar Pandit would also come for the class and study under Isvara Puri. From his very birth, Gadhadhar, this great son of Madhav Mishra, was an embodiment of all transcendental qualities. He was fully detached and devotional. He completely charmed the heart of Isvara Puri who showered him with profuse blessings.

One day when Vishwambhar was returning home after teaching his students, he met Isvara Puri. Nimai, humbly bowed down and Isvara Puri, mesmerized by the beautiful darshan of the Supreme Lord, asked, “Who are you?”

One of the students replied, “Oh saintly person, this is Nimai Pandit.”

“Oh, so you are the famous Nimai Pandit?” Exclaimed Isvara Puri. “I have heard so much about you.”

Nimai humbly bowed down to this great spiritual seer and requested him to come home for Prasad. Sachi mata and Lakshmi devi cooked wonderful Prasad and the Lord personally served Isvara Puri. Then for the rest of the day, at the household temple of Lord Vishnu, the family members of Nimai enquired from Isvara Puri, about topics of Lord Krishna. His heart drowning in ecstatic prema, Isvara Puri narrated Krishna’s pastimes.

Each evening Vishwambhar would go to Gopinath Acharya’s house to hear Krishna katha from Isvara Puri. One day Isvara Puri told Nimai, “I am writing this book and you are a great scholar. I request you to kindly offer some editing feedback for my work so that I can ensure it is according to proper scholarly standards.”

To be continued…

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