Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-44

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-44

Then he had the vision of the most enchanting three-fold bending form of Shyamsundar Krishna who was playing his flute, enchanting all the residents of Vrindavan. The astrologer got bewildered and intensified his prayers to his Lord Gopal. “My dear Lord, you are giving me all these beautiful darshans and I am grateful to you for that. But please reveal to me who this boy Nimai is; who was he in his previous life?” Then the seer closed his eyes and saw the ocean of devastation and saw Matsya avatar playing in that ocean. Then he saw Koorma dev, the turtle incarnation, with the massive Mandara Mountain on his back. Then he witnessed Lord Varahadev, in his boar incarnation, carrying mother earth in his tusks. The form of the ferocious Lord Narasimhadev ripping apart Hiranyakashipu’s intestines, then appeared in his vision. The beautiful Brahmana dwarf Vamana dev then appeared in his vision with his lotus feet placed on Bali Maharaj’s head. Parasuram wielding his powerful axe and annihilating the Ksatriya race engulfed his vision. Sri Ramachandra, in his beautiful dhurva grass complexion appeared to him, sitting on a throne with Lakshman and Sita next to him. He even saw the form of Buddha sitting in meditation. All the various incarnations appeared to him when he closed his eyes to find out who Nimai was in his previous birth. Riding on the horse, Kalki too appeared in his vision, annihilating all the wicked people during the end of Kali yuga. His meditation then led him to the vision of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra devi in Puri.

The seer was totally confused. He prayed, “Oh Lord please reveal to me who is this child. Is he some sort of mystic? Who is he? Where am I? Who am I?”

At that moment, his eyes opened and Nimai smilingly asked, “So, tell me who am I? What does your calculations reveal?”

The seer replied, “Let me meditate again on my mantra. Come by later this afternoon and I will tell you with certainty.”

This way Nimai charmed the hearts of all.

Every day Nimai spent a minimum two to three hours with Sridhar Kolavecha – the banana seller. Sridhar was a very poor Brahmana who lived in a thatched hut that leaked when it rained.

To be continued…

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