Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-46

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-46

“So what difference does it make if you have a lot of money or you have nothing; because isn’t time passing the same way for both? My clothes may have some stiches but I am happy. What is the matter?”

Nimai replied, “Oh Sridhar, you are hiding a great treasure. You are cheating the world appearing to be so poor and deprived. One day I will expose you and reveal to the world the secret treasure you are hiding.”

Sridahar looked surprised. “What are you saying? You can come to my house,” he said, “Search everywhere thoroughly. I have nothing.”

“One day I’ll expose you” the Lord reiterated.

Nimai would then haggle with him for hours on the bananas. “How much are these bananas for?” Nimai asked. Sridhar quoted a price – that was the lowest in the market. Nimai said, “You are charging too much. I will give you only half.”

“How will I survive if you give me only half the price?” protested Sridhar.

Nimai said, “You are charging exorbitant rates.”

“Then why don’t you go and purchase from other sellers?”

“No, I will take only from you because you have the best bananas.”

“But I am a poor man. I am quoting the least price.”

“Then I will take them for nothing.” Said Nimai.

“But how can you take for free?”

“I am a Brahmana and you must give me for free.”

“How will I live if you take for free? Besides, whatever little I earn, I spend half of it on worshipping mother Ganga.”

At this, Nimai declared to Sridhar, “I am the Lord and master of Ganga devi whom you so religiously worship. Ganga emanates from my lotus feet. So you must give me these bananas for free.”

“Vishnu Vishnu”, screamed Sridhar Kolavech. “How can you say this? You are getting more and more restless as you are getting older. Now you are saying you are Lord Vishnu, the master of mother Ganga?”

In this way daily they argued and bargained- all in pure, divine love.

Sometimes pumpkin squash grew on Sridhar’s rooftop. He would give it to Nimai as a gift. Nimai would have Sachi mata cook it with rice as a sweet preparation.

Nimai Pandit thus gave immense joy to all residents of Nawadwip, and especially to Sachi mata.

To be continued…

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