Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-49

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-49

He was drawn to the Lord and as he came closer, he asked one of the students at the back, “Who is this amazing personality?” The boy said this is none other than Nimai Pandit, the best teacher in Nawadwip.

At that moment, Nimai, who was only a teenager then, saw the famed Pandit who was far more experienced and famous. Nimai offered reverential respect to Keshav Kashmiri. He said, “We are so fortunate today. Our town is blessed to have your presence- one who is famous all over the world has come to our humble setting.”

After offering praise and respect, Nimai said, “please bless us and make us fortunate by composing verses glorifying mother Ganga. We hanker to hear from you.”

The Digvijay Pandit immediately began to speak. His voice boomed like thunder. Right there, he composed hundreds of verses glorifying Ganges and even as he sang a verse, he had composed another one. Like a raging wind, he spoke effortlessly, and Nimai’s students sat stunned and awestruck by his scholarship. His presentation for over three hours was so lofty that most of what he spoke, Nimai’s students couldn’t understand.

After he finished, Nimai Pandit spoke softly, “Oh great Pandit, your presentation was excellent. I particularly liked a few verses.” Then Nimai pointed out the verse number and he spoke the verse. The scholar was shocked to see a young boy remember all these verses. Then Nimai, pointing particularly to the sixty-fourth verse, repeated it verbatim. Keshav Kashmiri, amazed at Nimai’s ability, asked, “I spoke them so fast and how did you even remember all of them, with their numbers?”

Nimai smiled and said, “By the Lord’s grace someone can compose great verses and rattle them off effortlessly. And by grace of the same Lord, someone else can be a srutidhar- a perfect hearer who remembers everything he hears just once.”

As the Digvijay Pandit tried to make sense of what was coming to him, Nimai humbly asked him to enlighten all of them on the special qualities and flaws in this particular verse.

Keshav Kashmiri was shocked. “My composition has no flaws,” he roared. “How dare you even suggest that there are mistakes in my creation? My work has alliteration, analogies, rhyme, and many excellent qualities. You are a mere boy who teaches grammar. How dare you suggest that there are faults in my composition?”

To be continued…

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