My Reflection on 21 days’ lockdown

My Reflection on 21 days’ lockdown

I took life for granted. I thought my freedom was always available.
Now I am exposed – am I really a free bird or caged by the mind?
Can I fly high and soar the skies while confined to my room?
If I can’t cope now, it only means I was always encaged by my freedom.
And if I can gratefully accept this change, I am free even in my small room in my little village town, staying alone with mom.
Now is an opportunity to break the shackles of the mind and experience true freedom.

Now don’t panic or needless worry
No show off but live a quiet prayer.
No loud preaching to the suffering world
but within, i shall surely go deeper
From a reckless life let me move to discipline
With patience and acceptance, I surely can
From enjoyment to austerity I make the change
Cometh the hour, cometh the man

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