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Do you seek Greatness or Authenticity? – Part 4

Let’s celebrate our ordinariness

Next time someone tells you to unleash the Hanuman within yourself, ask instead if he could reveal your inherent capacity. Those who help us reach our potential are our friends, and those who drug us with false assurances are our enemies. Television serials and movies show rich and successful men and women driving flashy cars, living in mansions and have relationships with beautiful partners. The glamour bug strikes a poor man living in a chawl; inadvertently, he may aspire to live like the heroes he sees on the screen. His aspirations turn unrealistic, and his ambitions take him further away from his core self. Eventually, he either gets depressed by his inability to get what he wants or resorts to unethical methods to meet his goals.

Is there a place for ordinary beings on this planet? Can you be a rank and file soldier in the Lord’s army? One cause of depression: when men and women take up challenges beyond their capacity, they internally falter, sooner or later.

I once met a cricket coach who shared his success story of having coached many boys who got into the Ranji and National team. I asked him more, and he revealed how millions of young boys all across the country aspire to be like Dhoni and Virat Kohli. He cited examples of teenagers traveling a long three-hour distance daily to learn from good coaches; from small towns to the maidans of Mumbai, these boys carry a heavy kit on their shoulders; they also have a grand dream. How many of them eventually make it into their state team, leave alone the national team is a moot point. Many of these boys, when they fail to get ahead in this highly competitive sport, eventually even pick up vices and harm themselves.

The same principle holds true in other fields. A manager might dream to be a CEO, and a young woman seeks to be a great fashion model. But why? The soldiers in Ram’s army were honest about their capabilities. They were saddened by their lack of ability to jump across, but they didn’t foolishly attempt what they couldn’t. They did contribute and pleased the Lord by their sincerity. One could be small and still useful. A school teacher can give as much if not more than a cricket champion or a famous actor. It’s in our authenticity that we discover success and happiness.

To be continued….

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