Three steps to develop Self-worth – part 2

Three steps to develop Self-worth – part 2

Once you know what your vision is and you are also aware of what activities will help you achieve your vision, you are ready for the second step.

Step-2: Add little things daily
Keep this ‘basket’ –list- containing your desired activities, in front of you for daily reference. You could now pick up at least one daily. Let’s say, exercise or yoga is a part of the twenty odd things that you have written down, to help you live according to your life’s vision. Do yoga now, and feel blessed in the knowledge that it’s in accordance to your deep, innermost purpose. That very moment, you’d feel worthy. Or maybe appreciating friends and expressing gratitude is another one on the ‘to do’ list. Then call a friend, and thank him now! And remember again it’s your life’s purpose. You’d grow richer, slowly but surely. You’ve just added emotional deposits into your personal, internal bank account.
I can hear you say “I am so busy, I don’t think I can do all of this”
“Fine”, I plead to you, “Could you give me, sorry, not to me, but to yourself, five minutes today?”

Maybe rest of the twenty three hours and fifty five minutes of the day you are helplessly dragged by your ‘burden of responsibility’. No problem, at least you have spent five minutes now doing what really aligns to your purpose. Tomorrow you could add five minutes more. Keep looking at the big basket daily morning and evening, and do what you can. Add today the little deposits of things that really matter to you, and one day you’d be pleasantly surprised to discover a billion dollars in your emotional bank account!

At that moment it wouldn’t really matter if the world recognizes you or not. If they do appreciate you, a few thousand dollars have been added to your emotional account, and you could gratefully accept the honors. But you know that you are now beyond the endorsements of this world; you are driven by a purpose, not the titillating pleasures of worldly tributes.

If you exclusively depend on the glories of this world, remember human beings have an incorrigible appetite to pull you down as well. They may deposit hundred, but their capacity to overdraw thousands is a reality. And when that sinks in, it could break your heart. So better earn your own money, don’t live on borrowed funds; the interest is abnormally high!

But what if the whole process backfires? At least earlier you didn’t know what u really wanted in life. You may even subscribe that, ‘Ignorance is bliss’; if you felt distressed, you had social ‘painkillers’ like movies, pubs and face book to help you forget your misery, albeit temporarily. But now you stare at this big basket on your wall daily, while your bills and boss also stare at you. Do you think, “I have so many important responsibilities to fulfill, and I only feel frustrated at my inability to do the things I really want to do?” Do you fear that the list of what you want to do would make a nervous wreck out of you?”
Therefore we now need to take the third and the most important step.

To be continued…

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