Vraja Bihari Das

Reduce relax and release
I heard the virus say
Slow down your life now
There is no other way

you’ll win the 21-day war
But a form I will take another
If you don’t change your life
I’ll put you in a spot of bother

Why do you want more
Whom do you seek to impress
Learn to now enjoy life
relish with more of less

Why do you want more power
Be happy you aren’t the best
Forget more info on Google
First this wisdom you digest

More news on COVID 19
won’t make you wise, you fool
Remember that less is good
And small is always beautiful

Greed has the vicious grip
On you who want everything
Money projects and success
Don’t binge on Netflix and eating

What use is it big or smart
When your life’s a real mess
be small and authentic
U will be happy with less

Slow down my dear friend
Before it’s too late
Remember human life is precious
Don’t let it go waste

You grow big and successful
Not by more on the outside
It’s the unseen root of the tree
That keeps u strong from inside

You are a pure divine soul
So pause and lie low
It’s not demeaning at all
To the divine if you bow

Once this crisis ends
Give up the fast mad race
From a rushing lost life
Move forward with quiet grace

Why and Whom do u imitate
Why do you want perfection
Be yourself and slow down
Save your face now oh son

At last I want to beg you
Give up the face book likes
how will it really help
when I the virus strikes

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