When God is afraid – Part 3

When God is afraid – Part 3

Krishna was irresistibly attracted to the love of residents of Vrindavan. They loved Him purely and offered everything they had for His pleasure. Through the pastime of being bound by the ropes of Yashoda, Krishna shows He’s the servant of His own devotees. It’s as if He’s saying to us, “You may declare me to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but when it comes to devotees like Yashoda, I don’t’ care for my opulence as God, and instead prefer to be tied by their love.”

Giving up eight opulences

In this pastime, Krishna relinquishes eight qualities that are synonymous with God. By definition, God possesses them, yet as Krishna, He shows these opulences to be inferior to the position His devotees’ command. Their love reigns supreme, and Vrindavan – the land of pure love, is that sacred abode where God forgets His godhood, and forever remains a puppet in the hands of His devotees’ love.

Atmaram- self-satisfied

God doesn’t need anything from outside to satisfy Himself. Yet, mother Yashoda’s love beacons Krishna; He rushes to her and demands her milk. She was busy boiling milk in the kitchen, to prepare sweets for Krishna. But seeing her little one crawl up for her breast milk, she immediately picked Him up to satisfy His need.

We are often encouraged by spiritual teachers to remain satisfied in life. Here God shows He always wants more of the ‘Love’ of His devotees.

Aptakam- satisfied with a little offering

While feeding her own milk to Krishna, Yashoda realized the milk that she was boiling –also for Krishna- was spilling over. She wanted to use that milk to make sweets for Krishna, and this was from the best cows of Vrindavan. For a moment, she was confused: to save the milk of the pot or continue feeding Krishna. She realized her milk was always available for Krishna, but this milk needs to be protected. She kept baby Krishna on the cradle and rushed to the kitchen.

To be continued…


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