Vraja Bihari Das


To live successfully in this world and in our relationships with other humans, we think we need to negotiate, bargain, be diplomatic, control, play games etc.
But the truth is we need to first have good relationship with our own inner selves; only then we can have life enhancing relationships with others.
And how do we improve our inner life?

Notice a beggar- not from the up-down approach where u look at him sympathetically as his benefactor. For a change, empathize; put yourself in his shoes and see what does he need?

He is desperate and waits expectantly, fully focused to receive your grace. That’s an optimistic beggar – ready to Receive.
A trader on the other hand doesn’t beg; he bargains. He is ever alert to negotiate a better deal- he wants to achieve.

What is your day like?
How much time do you spend ‘Receiving’ and how much on ‘Achieving?’
The more we quietly prepare to Receive grace from the universe, the more we are connected to ourselves.
It’s this connection that fills us with a joy that’s transcendental to this world. Then we can contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing of the people of this world.
But it begins with Receive- a beggar.

We are BEGGARS in our inner journey and not TRADERS. We need to BEG and not BARGAIN from the universe.
When we tune in to receive like a beggar, the grace of God and the Universe, we’ll feel a sense of safety, shelter, belongingness, rest, peace, home- these are different ways of saying you are connected.
This connection helps us live in this world more humanely.
And this will change our paradigm in our outer world as well, forever. We’ll realize we don’t need to control or fight or bargain for success in this world either. We are complete and there is enough for all.

Let’s live and let others live. Let’s move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mentality. Instead of desperately grabbing more than what we need, let’s pause and ask why are we putting a facade? Why do we fight, fret and fume like street urchins while cleverly covering it up with social pretense? Why not channelize this ‘beggar- desperate’ energy inward. We are indeed helpless when nature decides to even out things. Therefore, it behooves us to cooperate with her wish and like a good beggar, stay quiet, obedient and wait for mercy. Remember we are servants and not master of this universe. Mother nature is not our order carrier. We r her children; let’s cooperate for our own wellbeing.

Let this pandemic give birth to compassion and love.
Let’s learn not to negotiate with mother nature but beg her for clemency. Let’s promise her we will mend our ways and share love and bring light to this world.


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