Do Spiritual practices help in our material lives? – Part 2

Do Spiritual practices help in our material lives? – Part 2

This pastime from Ramayana teaches an important lesson. When life
throws up baffling confusions, and solutions are nowhere at sight,
just do one thing: live outside the box! And you may be surprised at
what life offers you.

“Get out of your head and spend time in the Lord’s space.”- these
words of my mentor in the ashram ring in my ears often, especially
when I am clueless or frustrated at different challenges that spring
up in life. He explained to me one day that we often live in the ‘I’
space- where, my worries, my ideas, my solutions, and my problems
occupy my mind. But when we decide to live for some time every day in
God’s or Krishna’s space, we enter a world of magnificent scenarios.

In simple words, what this means is: stop thinking about your problems
for some time and spend quality time hearing and chanting
transcendental subject matters. This culture would help you access a
dimension beyond your own intelligence- allow the universe to throw up
solutions. There is an infinitely superior power above us, and when we
attract the grace of this force, known in our culture as ‘Lord’s
mercy’, all things fall in place; all the missing dots fit into the

The Vanaras were bewildered, and despite their best efforts, no
solution was in sight. They had the best of brains and brawns. Sugriva
had especially chosen his best team comprising of prince regent
Angada, the powerful Jambavan, and the mighty Hanuman, to head the
team that went in the southern direction, searching for Sita. He and
Rama felt that since Ravana was seen taking Sita towards the south,
the southern team would return successfully. Yet, the best team failed
and felt so dejected as to even consider suicide. But their love for
the Lord expressed through sincere hearing and chanting, came to their

Srila Prabhupada’s books and the plethora of lectures on Krishna
consciousness that’s available online are a great blessing for sincere
practitioners of Krishna consciousness. A daily practice of hearing
and chanting is a declaration to the universe that we want to live in
the Lord’s space- we want to access His grace and kindness.

We are puny in face of the complicated meshes that this world traps us
with. The more we grapple with it, it’s likely we’d get sucked in
faster and quicker. But when we chose to hear the transcendental sound
vibration, we are living with the Lord.

Of course, devotees do spend time figuring out solutions for their
daily challenges, and they take responsibility for their lives. Yet,
spending good time in spiritual activities helps them refine their
internal receptors that could access the solution that God wants to
offer them.

And that wisdom is infinitely superior to our own mental wrangling.

And how exactly does God help?

To be continued…

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