Vraja Bihari Das

Nobel peace prize attracts media attention worldwide. Why?

I guess somewhere deep within we feel hope; someone who is sincerly attempting to usher peace in a strife filled world has been recognized. And we hope against hope that the world will see less wars, violence and rape; we want more peace, goodwill, love and happiness. 

But peace remains an enigma for most of the six billion plus humans struggling on this palnet.

Let’s briefly examine why is it so and what we could do to initiate a genuine peace revolution on this planet?

It begins with the self 

Peace on the outside is dependent on various factors and innumerable combinations – to expect all of them to fall in place is being utopian. However, individually each one of us can work on the ‘inside’ of our self. 

The world within each human mind carries immense potential for goodness. And if we can somehow set our inner house in order, it’s likely we will contribute meaningfully to peace on this planet as well. Although we occupy space on earth for a time that’s as brief as a flash of lightning in the sky of eternity, still we could make a world of differnece.

The three identities 

To better appreciate our tryst with peace, let’s first recognize our three inseparable identities.

Identity -1: Body 

At the most basic level, we are this body and our need for food, money, home etc defines us. Many mistakenly think there’s nothing higher. They spend their whole lives satisfying the needs of the gross body and senses but peace remains forever elusive. That’s because the body has inherent limitations; how much ever you gratify the senses, they demand more than the capacity of the body to oblige. For example one may seek good food. But the tongue’s craving always exceeds the stomach’s capacity to hold that food. No wonder we see today that obesity related disorders on our planet are two hundred million more in number than diseases caused by scarcity of food.

To be continued…..

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