Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-42

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-42

Another day when Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was walking on the bank of Ganges, Mukunda saw him and realized he’s going to talk on materialistic things. Hastily, he retraced his steps and ran away. Lord Chaitanya was with his students and asked aloud, “Why did Mukunda, on seeing me, run away?” A student replied, “Maybe he has some important work in that direction.” Lord Chaitanya said, “No, Mukunda is a Vaishnava. He only likes to talk about Krishna. He likes to chant the Holy Names of Krishna. He doesn’t want to waste time talking all mundane subjects. That’s why he doesn’t want to talk to me and is avoiding me.” Then looking at Mukunda’s direction, Lord Chaitanya said aloud, within the earshot of Mukunda, “You just wait Oh Mukunda. One day soon, my child, I will become such a Vaishnava that even Brahma and Shiva will want to associate with me. I will become such a devotee that you and all devotees in Nawadwip would not be able to give up my company.”

All his students heard what he was saying but they couldn’t understand the purport of what he was foretelling.

One day Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu saw Gadhadhar and grabbed him. “Tell me Oh Gadhadhar, what is the meaning of liberation?” Lord Chaitanya asked. Gadhadhar Pandit replied, “Liberation means to become free from the sufferings of this material world and go beyond the bodily concept of birth and death.” “That is not correct,” said Lord Chaitanya and then he went on to defeat everything Gadhadhar had said. What could Gadhadhar say? Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that He is in everybody’s heart and he is the source of all intelligence, memory and forgetfulness; he is the author of the Vedas and the goal of Vedanta. He is all knowing and he knows the past, present and future (15.15). Therefore when the Lord challenges anyone to a debate, who could stand before him? When Lord Chaitanya soundly defeated whatever Gadhadhar Pandit said, he thought to himself, “I wish I could run away. What he says has nothing to do with Krishna.” Lord Chaitanya would smile and say, “Ok Gadhadhar, now you can go home. Tomorrow I will have more questions for you.” This way all the devotees loved him but could not tolerate what he was saying.

To be continued…

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