Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 15

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 15

The Gopal pastime (continued from the previous post…)

“Hai! Hai!” the Brahmin screamed, but this time no one heard.

Stunned, he looked at the child, who smiled back at him. Nimai said to
the Brahmin, “Oh kind hearted Brahmin, why do you wail unnecessarily?
You call me to eat the food and when I accept it, you become upset? I
am the same Gopal that you call out with great devotion every day.”

Then Nimai granted special darshan of Krishna with all His opulences,
to the Brahmin. Nimai transformed himself to Krishna, with a blackish
complexion of the Tamal tree. He stood in a threefold bending form and
had eight arms adorned with different paraphernalia of Lord Vishnu and
Krishna. In his four arms he had conch, lotus, chakra and mace- the
four symbols of Vishnu, and in His two arms He was holding the flute;
his remaining two hands were holding and eating fresh butter. The
Brahmin also saw this form of the Lord adorned with most beautiful
ornaments and vaijyamanti mala- the garland of forest flowers.
Kaustubha mani decorated his chest. He saw his Lord dressed in a
dazzling yellow garment, standing next to a kadamba tree, on the banks
of Yamuna, in Vrindavan. He also had the audience of the Surabhi cows
and cowhered boyfriends of Krishna, all surrounding Krishna. The
beautiful abode of Vrindavan appeared to the Brahmin. In ecstatic
love, he fainted and Nimai touched him and brought him back to

After the Brahmin came back to external awareness, Nimai revealed that
he had shown this form to him in all his previous births as well. The
Brahmin, in his previous birth would come daily to Nanda Maharaj’s
house in Vrindavan and offer food to Krishna, and take his darshan.
Nimai explained that he was so pleased with his loving service that he
has arranged for him to come again, so that Nimai could see him come
to offer food to Gopal, in this birth as well. Then the Lord warned
the Brahmin not to share this secret with anyone else.

Hearing this, the Brahmin was ecstatic. He started jumping up and
down; he danced in spiritual bliss; he put the rice Prasad all over
his body and ate the food, with torrents of tears gushing out of his
eyes, in pure love of God.

Meanwhile, thanks to the arrangement of Yoga nidra, who now left the
house, Jagannath Mishra and others woke up and rushed to the worship
altar. They were stunned to see that the Brahmin was jubilant. When
they enquired about his food offering to Gopal, he immediately
composed himself and gravely said, “The offering was a success. I am
happy and now taking Prasad.” All residents of the household were
relieved and happy that their guest was satisfied; after all he had
rice all over his body.

The Brahmin stopped travelling and settled down in Nawadwip and never
left the town. He then began coming to Jagannath Mishra’s house every
day for seeing his beloved Gopal who had now appeared as the beautiful
son of Sachi Devi and Jagannath Mishra. He felt so desperate to share
the identity of this child Nimai, with the whole world. Yet, he
restrained himself, knowing this was the order of his dear most Lord.

To be continued…

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