Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 8

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 8

So loud and intense was the chanting of Holy Names, by the ordinary
citizens of Nawadwip, that it was surreal; devotees wondered how come
the same people who were so averse to chanting all the while, were now
blissfully chanting the Holy Names of Krishna. In all directions
nothing could be heard except chanting of Holy Names. Even atheists
chanted loudly Krishna’s Holy Names.

Seeing the Holy Names reverberate all around, Advaita Acharya, Haridas
Thakur and other Vaishnavas celebrated with happiness and gratitude.
Advaita roared and prayerfully proclaimed, “May this eclipse never
end! Let this eclipse continue eternally! May the people always chant
the Holy Names of Krishna!”

At this time when the Lord had induced everyone to chant Hare Krishna,
He appeared in the beautiful land of Nawadwip. Just like the beautiful
sun appears on the eastern horizon and removes darkness, similarly,
Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared from the womb of mother Saci, to
dispel the darkness of ignorance caused by the age of Kali.

This pastime also has a symbolic significance. During these times, our
lives are beset with so much inauspiciousness and misfortune. It’s as
if there is a lunar eclipse! All intelligence and virtues are covered
by covetousness; all around we witness rampant quarrel and hypocrisy.
The only hope we have now is for the Lord to appear in our dark
hearts. When we chant the Holy Names, we are invoking the Supreme
Personality of Godhead to mercifully appear, and dispel all
inauspiciousness from our lives.

Lord Brahma and the demi-gods celebrated the Lord’s arrival by
chanting and dancing.

Two days are most holy. Gaur Purnima- the full moon night of the
appearance of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Nityananda Trayodashi-
the thirteenth day of the Sukla Magh, when Lord Nityananda appeared.
Vrindavan das Thakur says whoever celebrates these two special days,
will certainly become an intimate associate of the Lord.

Advaita Acharya sent beautiful gifts to Jagannath Mishra and Saci
Devi, through his wife Sita Thakurani. Malini (wife of Srivas Thakur)
and Malati (wife of Chandrashekhar Acharya) and many other women
arrived at Jagannath Mishra’s house and performed various rituals.
Various Demi-gods came disguised as brahmins and showered the family
with gifts.

Nilambar Chakravarty made the astrological calculations and in a state
of transcendental joy, exclaimed, “Very soon a Brahmin will become the
King of Bengal!” He meant Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would influence masses
and flood the country with love of God. “This child is a treasure of
all good qualities and virtues”, said Nilambar Chakravarty, “He will
be such a scholar that he’d defeat even Brishaspati- the teacher of
the Demi-gods. By his spiritual love, this child will maintain all the
living entities of this world. He’d intoxicate the world with love.”

Although he explained many things, he didn’t say that the child would
take Sannyasa- renunciation. He didn’t want to bring distress to the
parents by this prediction.

To be continued…

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