Vraja Bihari Das

maya would keep quiet. The moment I make the right choice of saying ‘yes’ to Krishna she offers an instant offer to pull me away. This tug of war would go on perennially; until the moment I die. Even at that moment, don’t be surprised if she softly whispers, ‘Oh my friend, please stay back in this world, I am there for you’. Sounds scary? That’s ok. Let me enjoy this game now; today let me make the right choices. It’s difficult to make the right choices, but then nothing good comes easy. And the rewards of Krishna conscious choices are fulfilling. The moment we chose Krishna our spiritual deposits have soared; so let us be happy. But how maya gets us usually is ‘sledging’- reminding us, “All these deposits are of no use because in the past you have wasted all you hard earned spiritual money on sense gratification and this too would be soon gone”  Her wicked smiles and arrogant confidence is intimidating. But we need to focus on our present game and not get bogged down by maya ’s attempts to get us out in new and cheap ways. If she hurls a lethal bouncer through her best bowler, the internal censor, you strike back with affirmations. If she says, “forget it; it’s not going to work. You are a hypocrite” you need to humbly duck and avoid it, and immediately rise and hit the next one to the fence with positive affirmations like, “I am now successful in my spiritual practices; I now chant attentively; I now chose Krishna; I am happy and enthusiastic to serve Krishna” Easy; just affirm and move on to make the next right choice. Recognize the internal censor as a formidable enemy. He is strong and aggressive but that doesn’t mean the abuses he hurls are true. Just because someone is loud and bombastic doesn’t mean he’s right. Yes, the mind screams aloud for sense gratification. So what, let the mind do his job, and let me do mine! And my job is to stay focused on my innings. Bat well- and that means, chant, study, serve, write and all the other good things. And in case you do slip, rise and move forward immediately. Don’t let maya attack you when you are down. She loves to hit hardest when you are helpless. Her attacks with external temptations and distractions are not as damaging as her internal rhetoric and hate speeches; these negative statements attack your self-worth and confidence. Remember you are essentially good. You love Krishna. Your mistakes are not you. If you have made bad choices in the past, that doesn’t mean you are bad. Let’s now remember Krishna gratefully, and move forward happily. Let’s be small and alert like a forest animal; the predator of maya is round the corner. Only Krishna can protect us, and let us seek His protection. Let’s thank Krishna and perform positive spiritual activities now. Let’s come closer to Krishna now and today.  ]]>

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