Vraja Bihari Das

Shurpanaka, the sister of Ravana, created ruckus in Ravana’s assembly. She wailed, rolled on the ground, beat her chest and chastised her brother repeatedly for not protecting his citizens and under his very nose, her nose was cut!. 

She expertly adjusted the truth of her being mutilated by Lakshman, under Ram’s order. She had tried to harm Sita when Lakshman checked her by cutting her nose and ears. But to Ravana, she presented herself as a victim who simply tried to get Sita for Ravana’s pleasure. She explained Sita’s beauty in graphic detail and while inciting her brother’s lust, said only Ravana deserves to enjoy Sita.

Ravana was now determined to kidnap Sita. He again visited Maricha and while the mystic Rakshasa was surprised by his return so soon, Ravana came to the point immediately. He explained his plan whereby Maricha would come as a golden deer and lure Ram away. After explaining the strategy, he asked Maricha to rise and accompany him.

Marich sat frozen. With his face whitened and unblinking eyes, he was still, like a painted picture. Ravana repeatedly coaxed him to get up. Maricha slowly regained his composure and explained to Ravana, “You haven’t heeded to my earlier advise. I can see a huge calamity at the doorstep of Lanka.”

Ravana rebuffed Maricha’s claims by saying Ram was not only an ordinary human, he was also bereft of any virtue; that’s why his father had banished him to the forest. Maricha countered this by revealing Ram’s glories and his austerity. Then Maricha gave another analogy to drive home his point (he had already, in his earlier meeting with Ravana, compared Ram to a lion and fearful ocean). “Oh king of the Rakshasas, I beseech you”, pleaded Maricha, “do not throw yourself into the deadly forest fire called Ram. He will burn everything- your kingdom, subjects, palace, wealth, success, fame, and yourself to ashes.”

Ravana’s eyes became red with anger. He roared, “Oh Maricha, I haven’t asked for advice from you. Please remember one should not offer suggestions to a king unless asked for it. I order you to come immediately. “

Then Ravan lowered his voice and slowly, but firmly said, “Perhaps you may face danger from Ram when you go as a deer. But if you disobey my command, not only is death certain, I assure you it will also be immediate. Now you can carefully weigh the options and take a call.”

Maricha’s breadth became faster and he said hurriedly, “Oh king, you must kill not me, but the one who gave you this advice. An advisor who suggests to the king to pick up quarrel with a stronger foe, is himself an enemy. Don’t invite disaster into your life Ravana.”

Ravana snorted and then quietly stared at Maricha; in his silence, he had spoken a loud message- Maricha would have to now pay with his life.

Maricha realized Ravana won’t budge from his stand, and therefore he now became fearless. He rose, smiled sarcastically and loudly proclaimed, “Yes, let’s go Oh King who is simply a low class licentious sense enjoyer. Citizens under your kingship are like sheep protected by a jackal. I pity them and even you, oh Ravana, for blinded by lust and greed, you have embarked on a suicide mission. Please know you can’t take away Sita just as you can’t seperate the sunshine from the sun.”

Ravana only heard Maricha’s assent and quickly grabbed him and said, “Yes Maricha, now this is my Maricha who has agreed to my plan. I think till now some ghost had possessed you. But now you are all right.”

Ravana then cheerfully boarded his chariot along with Maricha, and headed to Panchavati to unleash his sinister plan. 

What happens next? 

Please read Ramayana during the extended lockdown and enhance your spiritual life…..

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  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Posted May 23, 2020 4:43 pm 0Likes

    Hare Krishna prabhuji,
    Gripping story telling of the epic tale of Ramayana. I liked very sentence of these 3 articles. I would urge you to write a book on Ramayana prabhuji.

    Especially, now when the modern age authors want to hide true identity of supremacy of Lord Ram and project him as mere mortal. The onus is on devotees to present the book in an interesting way for current generation youth and clearly send out the actual intended message of this epic.

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