Vraja Bihari Das

A man rises after being murdered Born on 21st May’ 1979 in Borivali, a rising suburb of Mumbai, Deep, even as a ten month toddler began talking about going to Udaipur, a city eight hundred kilometres North of Mumbai, in the state of Rajasthan. During the next two years Deep’s unusual mannerisms surprised his parents; he began stuttering in Marwari, a language his parents didn’t speak at home. He also murmured on occasions that he lives in a royal house with hundred rooms, and even his bath room is bigger than this house! Meanwhile he also picked up four more languages, repeatedly developed high fever, and swelling in his knee. While all tests showed he was normal, Dr Mehtani confirmed his IQ to be that of a ten year old! This would mean the child has an abnormally high brain activity; however the Electroencephalogram test (EEG) that measures the brain electrical activity showed normal results. Surprised and concerned, his pious Gujarati parents, on the advice of Dr Mehtani consulted Dr Ramakant Keni, a parapsychologist. Dr Keni declared the child to be a case of reincarnation; he also assured the parents that he would soon confirm if what the child blabbers is true at all. Then interesting events began to unfold; Deep Kapadia recollects: “Dr Keni began to probe me; he asked questions about Udaipur, and he would check with his friends if what I said was true. In subsequent meetings, he explored more, and I recollected-although in broken speech- further details of the city. Since I was just two and a half years old and also never been to Udaipur before, the doctor was convinced I am a re-born case. To officially pronounce my case as reincarnation, one final test would be done. “As my family and Dr Keni prepared to take me on a journey to Nathdwara, a holy place of pilgrimage for our community members, I wasn’t aware this place is ninety kilometres from Udaipur. Meanwhile the news about my past life remembrances leaked, and Chitralekha, a reputed Gujarati magazine wanted to investigate my story. My parents panicked, and to avoid publicity, claimed I wasn’t really a rebirth case; they said after all these things happen only in the movies. Mr Harkishan Mehta, the editor, comforted my parents and assured them he wouldn’t print the story if it wasn’t real. Finally all of us left for the trip, accompanied by Mr Bharat Ghelani, a reporter from the Chitralekha. “As our bus stopped at Udaipur, a mandatory halt for those travelling to Nathdwara, I spontaneously got down, exclaiming we had arrived at my city! Earlier in Mumbai, I had a few times attempted escaping from home, and running away to Udaipur. My parents had even locked me so I wouldn’t run away. Now as I recognized the Victoria stand, Fateh Memorial and the City Palace, it was clear to all that I was well acquainted with the city, more than any child of my age could possibly know. Soon I lead the group to my house. My past life family and especially my son-from the last life- refused to acknowledge me thinking this was a bizarre plot to get their property. I owned lot of assets, and naturally they were insecure of losing it. One of my son’s friends however pointed to him how I looked exactly like his father, and also had resemblances to his sister. Intrigued, and getting emotional, he picked me in his arms and we went around the city. I then recalled my past life food habits, the places I kept my guns, and details about the family which was not known to many. I remembered a temple nearby which even my son and his family weren’t aware of. The old accountant of the family was called for and he confessed how there indeed was a temple decades ago, and was removed before my children were born. It was a strange sight; a grown up son carrying his two and a half year old ‘father’ of the past life in his arms! I recollected how in my previous life I was known as Pannalal Agarwal who worked as the Chief Security Officer of the City Palace at Udaipur, and knew many secrets. I told the palace staff about three fans that operated on kerosene. They said such fans don’t exist. I insisted they check a particular room, and the cupboard, and sure enough they found the fans. I also showed them how to operate these, and even today visitors to the city palace can see these fans and a guide would reveal how I had discovered those pieces. At one part of the palace, I asked the palace security to remove a large life size frame that hung on a wall. They were reluctant; I said this lead to a secret door to escape from the palace. The palace officials confirmed to the reporters what I revealed was true. I also showed a secret entrance to the palace that was heavily guarded by snakes. Then I spoke about my death; I had been murdered in 1976 by being fed poisoned milk. I had enemies who envied my closeness to King Maharana Fateh Singh, the forty fourth descendant of the legendary Maharana Pratap Singh. The news spread and soon I was on all the channels, newspapers and magazines. Researchers from all over the world, including the Oxford University came to see me; even the Dalai Lama visited me! Dr Ian Stevenson from the Virginia University, USA, wrote about me in his book, “Children who remember their past lives” Meanwhile I struggled; it took me more than ten years to adjust to this new life, as it was simply a continuity of the emotions of my previous life in a new body. Eventually my body, mind and emotions adjusted to my present life and family. I am now happily married and stay with my family in Mumbai. To be continued in the next post…….]]>

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