Vraja Bihari Das

S- Sorry A devotee’s prayer session includes a genuine ‘sorry’ for the mistakes made in a relationship. The chanting session is often a challenge; the mind wanders and it seems impossible to focus on the holy names. At such times, a sincere apology to the Lord for being unable to connect to Him helps us connect to Him that very instant. A-Ask When a child realizes she desperately needs something, she would ask her parents. A spiritual practitioner too would pray to God, Krishna, for the gifts that would help him or her come closer to God. We urgently need the precious gifts of humility, forgiveness, and tolerance, to win God’s love. And if we could ask for these blessings during our prayer session, we have emotionally connected to Krishna. L-Listen Chanting Japa means listening to the Holy Names, as we vibrate them softly on our lips, and move the beads with our fingers. Listening attentively to the ‘sound’ of the names is the same as listening to Krishna directly. That’s because in this day and age, the Lord incarnates as the Holy Names. When we listen to our chanting, in effect we are listening to God. He speaks to us if we are present in our prayers. T-Thanks List down the happy moments of the day, and thank God for the same. You’d get rich emotionally. A trader sells stocks and earns money; a spiritualist gives thanks to earn spiritual wealth. If in a prayer session of five to ten minutes we thank God for all the gifts we received in the last twenty four hours, we’d assure happy experiences the following day as well. If we look back at our lives with gratitude, we march forward with hope. To stay healthy, doctors suggest we eat three times, and exercise at least half hour daily. To remain spiritually fit, let’s pray three times, and render practical services-exercise- for at least half hour daily. But don’t forget the SALT in your prayer diet.  ]]>

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