Vraja Bihari Das (Venugopal Acharya)

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?” – Garth Nix

A king was desperate to know the daily activities of god. He asked his minister, but the loyal servant expressed ignorance of this esoteric subject. Furious, the king warned that he wants an answer within twenty four hours, failing which, the minister would be sent to the gallows. Desperate for a solution, the King’s assistant ran helter-skelter. By the end of the day, with no answer in sight, the minister was exhausted and forlorn. He sat dejected, on the road side. A young boy saw the plight and approached the minister. Reluctantly, the senior servant of king shared his predicament and the boy exclaimed, “Oh that’s so easy; take me to the king tomorrow morning, and I will easily answer the question.”

The next morning the minister announced in front of the assembly, “My dear king, your question is so easy that even a child can answer.”

Surprised, the king turned to the boy and asked, “Yes, my dear child, what’s the answer to my question?”

The boy, loudly declared, “Why should i answer your question?” He then turned to the assembly and then back at the king and announced, “you sit on such a high pedestal and enquire from me, this isn’t right. Step down and let me sit on your royal throne. I will then answer your question.”

Puzzled and curious, the king relented. He stepped down and the boy climbed the royal throne. The boy then asked the king in a loud voice, “Yes, ask me now, what’s your question?”

The king looked up at the royal seat and put forth the same question. This time, the boy roared back, “oh haughty king, this is what god does the whole day; those who arrogantly sit on a pedestal, he disdainfully brings them down; and those who are meek and humble, he puts them on a high position. This is the lord’s daily activity.”

The story illustrates life in this world. Fortunes change overnight and people are left wondering what hit them. In this bizarre world of swinging luck and destiny, the only succour is to see god’s hand in

Although a sincere devotee of god works hard and executes his duties responsibly, he nevertheless knows there is a divine force that maintains a cosmic equilibrium. God uses nature to maintain a balance
in the world.

Therefore it behoves us to know and acknowledge our small position in our environment, and quietly make a contribution to bring goodness on this planet.

By Vraja Bihari Das

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