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The two I’s of God – part 4

The miracles he performed during his earthly sojourn include his bringing back to life, the dead son of Srivas Pandit. He also cured Vasudeb Dutt of his leprosy, and with a loving embrace, redeemed Sanatana Goswami whose body was filled with itching boils that oozed foul smelling, obnoxious substances.

These are few examples that show Lord Chaitanya’s incredible potency and power of attraction.

  1. Instructions

The essence of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s teachings is prayer and service.

Prayer means connecting to God, and the Lord taught that in this day and age, chanting is the most effective means to feel loved by the Lord. Mahaprabhu also taught the principle of service and respect to all. Vrindavan das Thakur describes that if we simply do two things- chant the holy names and respect other living entities, we’d become dear to Lord Chaitanya.

The Lord was in the womb of his mother, Saci devi, for over thirteen months. As his parents and relatives got anxious, the Lord waited for the right moment. On a day of lunar eclipse-considered then as one of the most inauspicious days of the year- millions of people gathered on the banks of river Ganga to rid themselves of evil influences. While they dipped in the waters for a sacred bath, everyone loudly chanted the Holy Names of Krishna. Even Muslims, who followed many Hindu customs, joined in the chanting. At that time, Sri Chaitanya took birth under a Neem tree, and hence he was called as Nimai during his childhood.

Through his extraordinary appearance in this world, He made his point; the modern day and age- characterized by quarrel and hypocrisy- also known as the dark ages in Vedic scriptures- has one succor. That is chanting of God’s Holy Names. As an infant, Nimai often cried, and would stop only when someone chanted the Holy Names. When the elderly womenfolk gathered at Saci devi’s place to chant kirtans, little Nimai crawled out of their sight, went to the kitchen, and brought sweets in his tiny hands. He then offered these to the women, much to their delight. Again he instructed that the Holy names are the sweetest of all sweets.

Once when he was five years old, he got attached to a Puppy, much to the discomfort of his mother who thought the dog was unclean, and her child could get diseased because of playing with a puppy. When Nimai was away, she quietly let the puppy go, and Nimai in his childhood innocence cried at losing his friend. Meanwhile the dog reached the village market place, and right in the midst of a huge crowd, it raised its paws, and loudly chanted the holy names. As villagers stood shocked at this spectacle, the dog began dancing. Just then a beautiful, effulgent plane descended from the sky. The dog assumed a golden, four armed form and ascended the transcendental plane.

To be continued…


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