Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 11

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 11

Nimai’s childhood pastimes

Little Nimai never ceased to surprise His family and the residents of
Nawadwip. When He was barely a few months old, a gigantic snake landed
up at the courtyard. Nimai crawled up the many coils of the serpent
and blissfully lay on top of the large serpent. The snake was none
other than Lord Ananta Sesa, the eternal bed of Lord Vishnu in the
spiritual realm. He had come to render personal service to His dear
most Lord. However, for the simple family of Nimai, the sight was
horrific. They screamed and begged Garuda dev, the eagle carrier of
Lord Vishnu, to come and rescue their child from a scary serpent.
While Nimai was smiling on the coils, His relatives panicked. Seeing
the discomfort he had caused to Jagannath Mishra’s family, Ananta Sesa
immediately left, and to the external vision, it appeared as if the
snake had slithered out of the family’s garden. Mother Sachi ran and
grabbed her child, and kissed Nimai repeatedly. As the family heaved a
big sigh of relief, little Nimai again ran towards the direction of
the snake. Again the parents grabbed the child and prevented Him from

As he grew up, Nimai began to steal butter from the houses in the
neighbourhood. This was similar to His pastimes He performed as baby
Krishna in Vrindavan, five thousand years ago. Even though the women
would keep the butter hidden in dark places or at a height, Nimai
would discover the treasure and steal it. This brought great joy to
the residents of Nawadwip but externally they admonished Him, whenever
they caught Him red handed. At that time, Nimai would fall at their
feet and beg forgiveness. Naturally, they would excuse Him as they
loved Him more than their own lives, and more than their own children.
Then Nimai would run to other houses to steal. His mischief never

Once two dangerous thieves saw Nimai dressed in beautiful garments and
jewellery. They got greedy and they stealthily entered the courtyard
of Jagannath Mishra’s house. When no one was watching, they picked up
the child and offered Him tasty ‘sandesh’- traditional Bengali milk
sweet. The child grabbed it and the thieves put the child on their
shoulder and went to their secret hideout. During the walk, to ensure
other people didn’t suspect anything wrong, they spoke to the child in
a friendly way. “Oh Child, we are taking you home” said the thieves,
and they laughed. “We are almost there” Little Nimai enjoyed the joy
ride on the shoulders of the thieves, and when they thought they had
reached their destination, they put the child on the ground. They were
all set to steal the precious jewellery from Nimai’s body.

To be continued…

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