Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 17

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes- The nourishment for the soul- Part 17

Mischief in Ganga

As Nimai began to grow up, his mischief increased. He would spend most
of his time in the river Ganga. He would swim, float on the water,
play games, quarrel with friends, splash water on others, and have

Ganga was the centre of cultural and social life of Nawadwip. People
came to Ganga to take bath three times a day; others collected water
for cooking and worship, and yet others came on the river bank to
perform meditation, chanting and other religious rituals.

Nimai troubled the Brahmins who came to Ganga. He splashed water and
spat on them. He threw sand on them and they had to take bath
repeatedly. They couldn’t catch Him either as He was fast and swift.
Finally they decided to complain to Jagannath Mishra.

To the concerned father, who thought his son Nimai had gone to school,
the Brahmins explained that his son Vishwambar never went to study.
They said, “Your son Nimai spends more than six hours every day in
Ganga. We are worried for him. When will he learn, get educated, and
grow up to be a civilized human being? He is only causing

One by one, each Brahmin revealed his grouse. “When I am silently
meditating on Vishnu,” said one of them, “he comes up to me and shouts
in my ears that he is my supreme object of worship, and I should not
do any other Pooja to any other God.” Another Brahmin said, “I was
worshipping my Shiva linga and Nimai stole my deity and ran away.” “He
stole my clothes when I was bathing and he never returned them,” said
yet another, while another said, “We were worshipping Lord Vishnu, and
Nimai ran up and sat on Vishnu’s throne; he then ate our offerings and
demanded we worship Him alone.”

Some other complaints were: “I was half submerged in Ganga doing my
gayatri chants when Nimai swam under water, and pulled my feet and I
fell down.”

“I was silently studying the Bhagavad Gita on the bank of Ganga, and
he came hurriedly and snatched my book and ran away.”

“I brought my baby to Ganga for a purificatory bath, but Nimai put
water on my child’s ears and made him cry.”

“I was sitting to worship, and Nimai jumped on my shoulders and
shouted out ‘I am Shiva’”

“While we are in the water, he takes our clothes that we keep on the
bank, and puts them on the ladies ghat where the women take bath, and
from there he gets the ladies clothes and puts them on our end.”

Exasperated, the Brahmins said, “This is not something he does once in
a while; he does this every day, whole day.”

The young girls also came to mother Sachi and complained about Nimai’s
transcendental mischief pastimes.

To be continued…

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