A Crow on a Rainy Day

A Crow on a Rainy Day

I Thought I am really cool
and all those guys mere shows
I am elegant like a swan
while they are ugly crows

But a crow I saw on a rainy day
for hours she showed me a mirror
I learnt my sacred lesson
and she is now my master

Clouds on this crazy day & night
roared and poured cats and dogs
a dear friend a lovely crow
asked me to ponder and pause

O, I feared the branch may fall
how could be she be indifferent
lightening struck but no panic
she lives now in the present

From my window I challenged her
who will stay longer?
I in my cosy room
or she – in the thundershower

Is she a painting on a trembling branch
on a swinging tree, no hurry
stillness she carried from ages
is she eternal? free from worry?

I had so many things to do
but the wonders no time to see
and here is a simple crow
who showed me how to be

What’s brings her bliss I asked
in terrible rains fully wet
stunning in silent grace
indeed she was the best

Am I really evolved?
a glorious human being
the crow told me u fool
you are simply a human doing

How could I challenge to defeat her
while she didn’t care at all
she is here & now
to be present is now my call

My friends are angry and demand
how can sacred time you kill
but I am amazed it’s hours
since she is been so still

I give up I lose the game
and get back to things to do
but a friend I made for life
and promised her I will be true

As I run away with passion
I do steal a glance
she does quietly assure
there is more to life than my plans

Hours later it’s dark and I see no more
I come to you after a hard day’s chore
are you on the branch still
for tomorrow what mystery lies in store

O my dear friend crow
I have fallen in love with you
I know the one in your heart
is also guiding me through

Some call it divinity
others say its the force
this is a common friend
with us in our lives course

The one who spoke to me through you
is a true friend the super soul
let me now connect to him
and make my life a complete whole

Thank you, my dear friend
a lesson sacred you have taught
the storms in life will come & go
peace amidst chaos I now sought

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  • Nisha kanwar Posted May 4, 2021 2:11 pm

    Nice Poetry. I’m still thinking that crow had probably nothing to do. It will take time to think deep as you.

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