Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-36

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-36

In his studies Nimai became not only expert but also aggressive. He challenged all and soundly defeated them. Although he was a small boy, great scholars with the titles of bhattacharya, mishra, or chakravarty, would fear coming near him. Many of the elderly gentlemen who had studied scriptures and grammar for over four to five decades, would be easily defeated by him. One day he approached Murari Gupta who was his class mate and also a vaidya- a doctor. “What are you doing here in a grammar school?” Nimai asked, “You should go to an ayurvedic school and study herbs, leaves, bile, mucus and indigestion. In this school of Gangadas pandit where we are studying there is no mention of kapha, vaata and pitta. You have no business here. You should go away. Besides, this study of Sanskrit grammar, philosophy, logic, rhetoric, and scriptures is very high learning and not meant for doctors like you. So go back to study mucus, bile and air.”

Murari Gupta said, “Why do you say this? I am a good student of all the subjects you are studying. Ask me any question and I can explain clearly.” Nimai asked questions and any answer that Murari gave, Nimai would rip it to pieces with his expert argument and debate skills. Anything that Murari established as truth, Nimai would smash that premise to powder. Murari was also a great scholar but Nimai loved debating with him. These are fierce, yet transcendental debates, held in pure love and devotion. Then Murari said, “Why are you so arrogant and always challenging me?” In reponse, Nimai smiled and placed his hand on Murari’s body. By that transcendental touch, Murari Gupta’s whole body erupted in ecstatic, thrilling sensation. Everything was vibrating in spiritual ecstasy. Murari Gupta was absolutely astonished. He realized, “This is not an ordinary human being.”

Turning to Nimai, he said, “I surrender to you; from this day I become your student.”

Sachi mata was thinking that in order for her son to remain at home, he needs to become a householder. And Nimai also felt a need to become a grahastha – by getting married. One day while Nimai was going to Ganges, he saw Lakshmi devi, the beautiful daughter of Vallabhacharya.

To be continued…

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