Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-47

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-47

One full moon night, Mother Sachi heard the sound of most enchanting Krishna’s flute coming from Nimai’s room. On hearing the divine sound, she fell unconscious in transcendental prema – pure love. When she came back to consciousness she traced the origin of the sound and entered Nimai’s room. There she saw on Nimai’s chest, the full moon and all stars. Lord Gaura Hari constantly gave these kind of special, wonderful experiences to Mother Sachi.

Lord Chaitanya taught his students in the courtyard – known as Chandi mandapa- of Mukunda and Sanjay’s house. Thousands of students came to study under him.

One day the greatest scholar Keshav Kashmiri – also known as the Digvijay Pandit- came to Nawadwip with the intention of defeating all the scholars there. He was a conquering champion who got his defeated opponents to sign a certificate, admitting defeat. All the learned Pandits of Nawadwip froze in fear. They knew they stood no chance against him. During those days Nawadwip was famous for its high education and was considered as the highest seat of learning. Students from all over South Asia came to Nawadwip to study under its famed professors of logic, grammar, rhetoric, philosophy, and scriptures. Nawadwip was something like modern day Harvard or Oxford.

It was also well known that Keshav Kashmiri was a staunch devotee of goddess Saraswati and she always favoured him in every debate he participated. He worshipped her with such devotion that she personally appeared to him in her splendorous form and blessed, “May you conquer everyone in all the three directions, in debate.” From that day on, every time he opened his mouth, goddess Saraswati spoke through him. Every book that was ever written, was on his tongue. He carried the Vijay Patra – the victory certificate that was signed by all his defeated opponents, who would admit in writing, “I was defeated by Keshav Kashmiri.”

The Digvijay Pandit had travelled to all parts of the world and no one could stand before him. He demolished every scholar with disdain and pride. After conquering scholars from every place on the planet, he came to Nawadwip. He came in a great procession, being carried in a royally decorated elephant, with accompanying beautiful horses and chariots; brahmins chanted sacred mantras and thousands of disciples and followers followed him in a procession, playing musical instruments. This is how he travelled wherever he went.

To be continued…

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