Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-48

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-48

When this grand procession came to Nawadwip, people exclaimed, “Now we are doomed.” Some scholars left the town, giving an excuse that they had an important family event in another city that they had to attend. Others feigned sickness and didn’t come out of their houses. Others discussed that it would be best if they put Nimai Pandit as the face of Nawadwip for a debate with the proud Pandit. They reasoned that if Nimai won, it would increase the prestige of Nawadwip and enhance his reputation as well. However, if Nimai were to be defeated, they could always say that the Digvijay Pandit debated only with a boy.

Some students approached Nimai and said, “Digvijay Pandit is here. It is said that when he speaks, goddess Saraswati speaks through him. Now the whole town of Nawadwip is trembling in fear that he has come. What do we do now?”

Nimai Pandit replied, “You will soon see that the pride of this great Pandit will be crushed to powder. Lord Krishna doesn’t allow anyone to be infatuated with too much false ego. A tree and virtuous person, both demonstrate humility. A tree that possesses many luscious, ripe fruits and a man who is truly learned and possesses good qualities, will always bow down to all beings, in humility. But those who are proud are soon ruined. Ravana, Nausha, Kamsa, and Vena had conquered all directions but due to their pride, the Supreme Lord crushed them and took away everything they had. This pandit will also be soon defeated because the Lord will not tolerate false pride.”

Then Nimai began to meditate in his own heart. “If I defeat this Pandit in a public assembly, he will feel so crushed that he won’t survive. How can I somehow defeat him without disgracing him?” Then he thought of a plan.

A little later, Keshav Kashmiri came to the bank of Ganges. He saw a large assembly of young students sitting in a big circle like petals of a lotus and in the centre of that lotus was the great Nimai Pandit. The Digvijay Pandit had never seen anyone so beautiful and charming. Seeing the Lord’s form and hearing his sweet voice as he instructed his students, Keshav Kashmiri was wonderstruck and became speechless.

To be continued…

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