Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-34

Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes – Part-34

Nimai then induced all his relatives to chant the holy names, surrounding his father. Under his inspiration, everyone chanted beautiful kirtan around Jagannath Mishra. With tears in his eyes, Nimai clasped the lotus feet of his father and began to speak, “my dear father, why are you leaving us? I am your child. If you leave, who will protect me and hold me by the hand? Who will teach me what is right and what is wrong?” In this way Nimai wept at the impending departure of his father. Sachi mata then spoke to her husband, “Vishwarupa left me and now you are leaving me. Please do not leave me behind, my dear husband. Please take me with you. I desire nothing else.”

In the presence of the beautiful chanting of the holy names, Jagannath Mishra prepared to depart from this world. He called his son near him and said, “my dear Nimai, I am departing for the spiritual world and will no longer be here to protect you. You may not even remember me after some time. So on this day, I am dedicating you to the protection of the supreme personality of godhead, lord hari.” Then Jagannath Mishra gave up his life and his eternal soul returned to the spiritual world. As all relatives cried, Nimai too wept, as he had done in a previous incarnation of lord sri Ramachandra, when his father dasharatha maharaj had left his body. They performed the necessary funeral ceremony. Then Nimai spoke to his mother. “Oh mother, please do not be sad,” said Nimai, “everything happens by the will of Krishna. But you have me. And I will never leave you.” Upon seeing the beautiful face of Nimai, Sachi mata was filled with ecstatic love of Krishna. Her grief disappeared; after all how can one grieve in the presence of the most auspicious gaura sundar?

Sachi mata said to her friends that the only thing she possesses is her son Nimai and the only thing she wants is his happiness. She would let him do anything as long as he was happy. Her entire life she lived only for his happiness.

One day gaura sundar asked his mother, “I am going to Ganga for bath. Please give me amalaki and a garland.” Sachi mata said she’d get them in a moment.

To be continued…

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